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  Elkington Forest Update

Dear Friends of Elkington Forest:

Just a quick note to let you know how things are progressing with the Elkington Forest community. Generally, despite the economic downturn, we are encouraged by the progress. The team is much stronger thanks to the participation of some key people and companies. We also have a clear vision of the steps necessary to complete the development, sell the building lots, and create a beautiful community.

We are taking some big steps in finalizing the last of the technical conditions required for the fourth and final reading of the rezoning. Jack Basey, our vice-president, is in daily communication with the staff of the various approval agencies; engineers, fire departments, parks staff, water boards, etc.  We are pleased with how we have been able to get resolution on the conditions and will be announcing shortly when we anticipate the fourth reading.

As part of the preliminary work on the water supply, in August we completed a 24 hour test of the main well on-site. The engineers calculated that it would be sufficient for at least 100 gallons per minute over a 100 day period with no recharge of the aquifer. We are pleased by this result.

Over the summer, we have been firming up a joint venture partnership with Chew Construction. John Chew is someone that I really respect. I have worked with members of his firm for many years. Chew Construction is now the largest civil contractor on Vancouver Island and has a great deal of experience in every type of civil infrastructure, large and small.  They are also familiar with, and sympathetic to the construction of, more sustainable forms of infrastructure. We look forward to the strength that Chew Co.
brings to the table in terms of finding cost savings, determining the most efficient methods of constructing and accurately estimating costs. A big thanks to Bruce Dyck, President of Chew Co, for his passionate commitment to the Elkington Forest project.

On the financial side, wee are working very closely with investment advisors in San Francisco and in Victoria, both of whom are providing contacts and leads. Every week I make several presentations and host site tours for potential investors. Over the summer, additional investment funds have been slowly but consistently trickling in.

At the end of July, Ann Mortifee of the Trust, Jan Garnett a VP of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and I went down to San Francisco for a series of meetings with potential large-scale investors. The reason that Jan Garnett joined us was to say that they are our partners, and that going forward the LFC model will be an essential part of any future conservation land acquisition campaign. These meetings, arranged by Aquillian Investment Advisers, focused on the current Elkington Forest project but also addressed the potential to replicate this model in other locations. One of the groups that we presented to has shown serious interest in the Limited Partnership investment and made a return visit in August to see the property and ask questions of our team. We continue to correspond back and forth and are hopeful that they will become significant Partners.

For those who live close to Vancouver, you might want to check out the Gaining Ground Summit, October 20 - 22, 2009, at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

I am organizing a panel on how the conservation community model can be an option for forest conservation and park land acquisition in this time of restricted budgets and reduced charitable giving to land trust organizations. As the options decrease, our model of conservation with limited development becomes increasingly attractive.

With me on the panel, will be Peter Mortifee, a Director of the Trust for Sustainable Forestry, Jens Weiting, a senior researcher with the Sierra Club working on the Great Bear Rainforest coalition, and Jan Garnett of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Please come to this great conference and join us for the panel discussion.

Looking back over the past year it is clear that we have plowed through a very difficult time but we are emerging through the other side with a stronger business model and an even better bottom line, in all three aspects. I have been very encouraged by the support that we have received from the strong construction and mission-driven financial partnerships, and associations with reputable environmental organizations. I am convinced that we are doing the right thing. Now we just need to execute on the plan and complete the vision.

Thanks, once again for your support.


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